Howler Monkey Design

May 22, 2022

This design is a little tacky, but keep in mind, this is when we were still starting the company.

The story behind this design is kinda funny. The Howler Monkey's was a crew I was on and as the name says we were loud, very loud. No matter if it was a build, modification or build a scaffold, you knew when we were in your area. We would have other trades complain to their foreman about us, who would then complain to our GF, who then would get mad at our foreman and tell him to tell us to shut up, but we never did stay quiet, we only got louder.

In the beginning the name Howler Monkey's actually came from the GF after ther other trades complained for the 3rd time that day about us and called our foreman into the office and told him to go tell those Howler Monkey's to shut and keep quiet out there. When the foreman relayed the message to us were like "Ahh no". Yes we were loud, but we also smashed out 5-7 jobs a day. One of the best crews I ever worked with.

So given the chance to make designs on shirts, I just knew i had to pay homage to one of the better times at a job I had experienced. Yes the design is a little animated, but it's different, and that was us at the time.


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