East Coast Design

August 28, 2022

East Coast

I wanted to do a design that represented East Coast Scaffolders.  

So when the idea came about, we approached our graphic designer, who is not a scaffolder, nor any idea what scaffolders are like. This designer has been with the family business for over 20 years and is awesome at what he does, one of the best I have seen.

 So, anyway, we gave the 2 ideas we had to him. We didn’t sketch anything, gave no direction and just told him East Coast, and me not knowing he was from the East Coast. I was amazed at what he designed for East Coast Scaffolders, and it has been received quite well by the scaffolders from the East Coast. 

As Far as a design for the West Coast.  It is still coming. It’s very hard to get a grasp on what kind of design would best represent West Coast Scaffolders, so that is a work in progress. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome. 


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