Scaffold Mob - The Beginning

May 09, 2022

Scaffolders are a very different & proud breed of workers. That’s one of the reasons we started Scaffold Mob, a family ran business, a family of scaffolders, with brothers and sisters from around the world. Something that is ours and only ours! Also offering scaffolders the availability of having a design of theirs brought to life too. Something that sets us apart from the other trades as having an outlet for our creativity.


Being a journeyman scaffolder for 20+ years and belonging to a family of scaffolders, I have seen how we all get treated in the field. When you have to be geared up before you walk into toolbox talk, better be the last ones to show up for break and the first ones to leave after break is over because the client is watching, seems like the client is always watching. Heaven forbid you have a little down time and the other trades see you not working. They go tell the foreman that you are slacking. I always wished there was something just for us.


In 2016, while between jobs, I would go to work with my wife at her family’s print shop. One time,  when I was at work,  a guy had come in and sold them a heat press machine. She showed it to me when I was on days off and started to show me how it worked, to be honest I didn’t really care to learn ha ha ha. I was a scaffolder, not a shirt maker. Then one day, as we were driving home, a name popped into my head, Scaffold Mob. It happened so fast and caught me off guard that I blurted it out, my wife looked at me and said “what?’. I said Scaffold Mob, that’s the name of our company. We got home and searched out the name and no one was using it. We started creating the logo and a few designs and now we are proud to say we are right where we want to be.

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